Genre: Bass, Techno, Tech House
Location: Sheffield, UK

Electronic music producer and Dj

Guy Ritchie - Yarni wants to say thank you. After picking up a copy of the brilliant Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels soundtrack as a youngster, he was introduced to a whole new world of exciting sounds. Inspired, he sought out music from the worlds of funk, jungle and the Hacienda house scene - music that's been a huge influence on his own output and helped him get where he is today.
Ever the eager one, at school Yarni taught himself how to play guitar, before becoming the drummer in a band formed with his three best friends. After many years of banging away behind the kit, though, he realised that his true passion was making his own brand of house music.
Yarni set up a project studio in the centre of Sheffield, his hometown, and taught himself how to make electronic music. After some time spent trying to follow musical fashion, in 2012 he took a step back, deciding to forget trends and simply make music that he loves. The result? A unique mixture of live instrumentation, catchy melodies and a good solid groove.
Yarni has been a performer for around ten years now, playing alongside Wiley, Martelo and Oneman to name a few. He's also enjoyed success as a promoter of his own club nights and events, becoming a familiar face on the Sheffield scene in the process. This valuable experience, coupled with his endless ambition, means he looks set to take the music world by storm - lock, stock and barrel..